Why I do what I do.

So many people ask me why I shop so much, yeah well I ask myself the same question. But then I look in the mirror and remember why. So that I can express myself through clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup.

Ever since I was little I always made sure I had the most sparkles on my outfits and that I always went out looking my best. This past year I’ve grown more and more into this industry. Everyone wants a good Instagram feed (yet I still haven’t made mine) so I started to become a little adventures. I started buying clothes that weren’t my style (at the time) and gained the confidence to wear them. Then I would do my hair and makeup and would have a friend take pictures of me.

It all started over quarantine, July 1st 2020. I put on an outfit I would never see myself wearing and just went for it. And im glad I did. So many people liked the outfit and the way I looked in the pictures I kept being told over and over to become a model, well I took that to thought. A couple week go by and American Eagle comments on the post asking to use these pictures for marketing, of course I said yes.

So I started taking more pictures, different outfits, new hairstyles whatever I was feeling that day. And just went for it. Im not going to loose anything from taking chances, but the chance I do not take. So I started looking for companies to work with, and I still haven’t found any, im being patient.

I do believe asking for help and trying my best is the only way im going to reach my goals in life. I look up to McKenzie Morgan, she recently responded back to me helping me and encouraging me to start this blog. Well look at me now.

Now let me get to the point now that you know why im here. Is this a career? What are you really doing? Let me answer that for you, im taking the chances. This blog could go successful and get me places in life or not. Why do I do it? Its a hobby that could build up to something, I have so much inspiration and encouragement around me, so why not go for it?

This makes me really happy, and I can’t wait to learn and grow. Thank you for reading ❤

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